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Simple application process.

Communication is key, we put our focus on communicating to you at every stage of the process.

Career guidance and support from our specialist independent recruiters.

Track the progress of every application.


Choose from a pool of specialist independent recruiters to help you screen candidates thoroughly.

Low cost fixed-fee recruitment.

Posting on multiple job boards (included).

Receive quality candidates fast.

What we do?

Reecru's intuitive platform connects you with Specialist Independent Recruiters. Work with recruiters who understand your requirements and are able to source and screen the right candidates for you.

Reecru markets your role on various premium job boards and runs your ad until you find the right candidate. If you're looking to fill a vacancy FAST, with QUALITY candidates, get in touch on 0333 050 4483

How it works
Sign up / Post Job

Sign up to Reecru using LinkedIn or your own credentials. Once you have signed in you will be redirected to posting your job details. Once the job is live, the job will be posted on multiple premium job boards and our own job search platform.

Select Recruiter

Choose a independent recruiter from the list. Our platform allows you to view the recruiter’s LinkedIn profile, bio and ratings. The recruiter will manage the hiring process: CV Filtering, Prescreening Interviews and Scheduling Interviews.

Receive CV's / Hire candidate.

The recruiter will send you a compiled list of CVs. After reviewing these CVs, you can select those which you would like to interview further. Once you've found the right candidate, you'll have the option to hire the candidate through the platform.

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