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About Reecru

Our Services

At Reecru, we’ve developed a platform to connect Employers, Independent Recruiters and Candidates all in one place. In short, Employers who are looking to hire are able to post their hiring requirements on our platform, which then is picked up by a independent recruiter of their choice. The recruiter will screen all applicants and shortlist the top candidates to the employer, manages the scheduling of phone/face-to-face interviews, facilitating the negotiation process and providing feedback to candidates.


In short our vision for each party involved in the recruitment process:

Employer: Our platform enables cost effective end-to-end recruitment solutions traditionally provided by recruitment agencies without compromising the quality of candidate screening and marketing expenditure.

Independent Recruiter: We're hoping to change the dynamics of the recruitment industry by encouraging industry professionals to get involved in the recruitment process.

Candidates: Our platform enables a simple application process, with the vision to improve communication to all parties involved.

Long term goals

Our long term goal is to refresh the traditional recruitment agency model, as we feel it is tired and inefficient. We are looking to disrupt the market in the way Uber, AirBnB and Purplebricks have. Reecru is a technology focused company, we’re always looking to find ways of improving our processes through the use of technology. Whether it be using data to improve business decisions, or code to improve the user experience, we’re focused on innovating our platform to stay relevant for candidate attraction. If you have any ideas on how we could improve our processes, we’re open to hear from you. Get in touch at info@reecru.co.uk


Time is money - we understand that, thats why our independent recruiters will use their subject matter expertise to thoroughly screen each and every candidate who submits their application. A independent recruiter will filter out the top 6 candidates and they will appear on your dashboard. With a few clicks, you can schedule interviews and the whole process is managed by the independent recruiter. Once you have found the suitable candidate, simply click hire and we will wrap up the campaign for you.

Marketing - it’s vital to gain maximum exposure for every recruitment campaign you produce. As a platform, we’ve partnered with industry leading job boards to give you maximum exposure to find suitable candidates to fill your open positions. It doesn’t stop there, as a platform we’re committed to using various marketing channels to attract quality candidates, whether it be the use of social media, direct recruitment or networking events, we’re continuously working to grow our network. Our independent recruiters are also given training and tools to be creative in their approach to attracting the highest level candidates.

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Independent Recruiter?

Subject Matter Expertise - years of experience, that can lead to better informed decisions. We hope to simplify the recruitment process to encourage industry professionals who might not have previously considered recruitment to get involved. Essentially, a financial analyst who is working on regulatory work is better able to screen candidates for a job that requires up to date regulatory knowledge.

Flexible Working - commitments are important, that’s why we believe in the gig economy model, in recent years we’ve seen the benefits of such a setup. Our platform enables you to take up work for when you have the time available to do so. Reecru also believes in fair distribution of income, every 3 months we review the payment structures and ensure our independent recruiters commission rates are up to industry standards. With Reecru, we’re a family, we want our independent recruiters to grow as the platform grows.

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Simplicity - too many steps, we know you hate those. Reecru makes applications simple. The registration process is minimal, with the option of LinkedIn sign up if preferred. Applying to jobs is even simpler, just one click and we will send the latest CV to the recruiter.

Network - it’s about who you know. We understand the importance of having a strong network, therefore our platform encourages communication between independent recruiters and candidates. You are no longer just a number, we want help you reach your goals.

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A message from the founder

Now you know more about who we are and what we do, here’s a short message from the founder of Reecru.

“Not so long ago, I was a candidate myself seeking new opportunities in IT. It became evident that the traditional agency model was complacent and change was required. We’ve setup Reecru with the vision to benefit all parties of the recruitment process and to continue to innovate and take onboard feedback from those involved.”