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Interesting Ways to use LinkedIn in your Job Search Back

Posted Date: May 12, 2018 8:26 PM

We’ve analysed multiple profiles on LinkedIn to understand which profiles stand out to recruiters and employers. We’ll go into more detail with this article as we feel there are plenty of videos and articles of basics such as choosing the right profile picture, writing a good profile summary and getting recommendations etc.

Build your network/connections

I know it sounds simple, but let’s expand on it. LinkedIn is a tool to reconnect with your existing network, but to also for you to open a world of new networking opportunities. Think of it as a 24/7 digital networking event. You have the opportunity to introduce yourself to a whole range of people - take part in the event, introduce yourself to new people, find out more about what the other individual does and build those relationships over time. Many people are often against sending out requests to people they don’t know. Personally, we feel you will be losing out if you opt for that approach, simply because the more relevant connections you have, the more opportunities that you are going to be exposed to.

To give you a very basic example, let’s say we decided against building our LinkedIn network, therefore we are less likely to see posts from individuals who might be advertising the role you are interested in. On the other hand, if I’ve added a mixture of IT Recruiters, IT Managers and potential Hiring Managers, at any point an opportunity arises, the post these individuals publish will more likely than not be visible to me. Hence, when we feel a suitable opportunity has been posted, we can make an application either by the information provided or simply reaching out to the individual.

Stay active on LinkedIn

There are certain professions who are simply not active enough on LinkedIn, we’re not going to call you out, *cough* education sector *cough*. We can’t stress enough how important it is, to check those in-mails, messages, notifications and connection requests. Not only will you miss out on incoming opportunities, but also those you could reach out too. Again, a very simple point, but one you must capitalise on.

The overlooked CONTENT button

This is one button which we feel job seekers are not exploiting! If you are actively looking for a job, this should be your daily go-to. The Content button simply shows ALL of the posts being made on LinkedIn (dependent on your keyword search). There are two sort methods you can apply, “relevance” and “latest” as seen below. We recommend for you to do a “latest” sort of specific keywords on a daily basis.

For example, we’re going to look for a Business Analyst role, so in the keyword box, we search for “Business Analyst role” and click Content. Once your search results appear, click on Sort By “Latest”. As you can see below, there are a number of recent posts, some often only posted a few seconds ago. Going forward, we recommend trying a combination of different keywords, for example “business analyst london” or “looking for a business analyst” etc - Use what is relevant to the opportunity you’re seeking and also make use of the different types of search methods you can conduct on LinkedIn, pointed out on this link.

There are a couple of notable limitations, the content shown, is globally collated, so there might be results which appear to interest you, but soon enough you realise that the role is in a different country. At the first instance, find out the high-level overview of roles that interest you. Hopefully going forward, a “Location” filter is something LinkedIn can implement as part of searching content. Next, the sorting function often doesn’t correctly function, so to ensure you are displaying the latest content, match up the “posted” timestamps against each post. If the data shown, is older content, simply click sort by “relevance” and then sort by “latest” again.


Working in a niche/specialist area?

Are you working in a niche or specialist area, or simply have you completed certifications that allow you to add extra initials to your name? Well, it’s time to make use of that privilege. The simple trick is, to add those additional characters to your last name. For example, if our founder was a developer with PHP, HTML and CSS skills, he could write his name as: “Rishi Kapadia PHP / HTML / CSS” or if he was a teacher he could write “Rishi Kapadia PGCE” alternatively if he was a Project Manager he might write “Rishi Kapadia Prince2, PMP”.

What’s the reason for adding these to your name? It all comes down to the LinkedIn algorithm and the methods of search a recruiter might use. Let’s take the example of a recruiter who is looking for a project manager. The project manager in this instance requires a PMP certification. Naturally, the recruiter is going to search PMP within the search function of LinkedIn and from there it will often be the case of looking for someone beyond their 1st Connections. So they might change the Connections filter to 2nd or 3rd and as you can see below, the first people to pop up on their list are going to be those with PMP in their name. Whilst we’ve only tested this on a handful of accounts, we’ve had some really good success with this method. It is being used by more individuals as of recent and as it becomes more saturated, LinkedIn may restrict users from doing this or simply change the algorithm, but for now, it’s definitely worth a shot!


Go to your profile and click on the Pencil icon to edit your personal details.

Within the Last Name, add the relevant text.

Looking for a contract role or unemployed?

If you’re actively looking for your next contract role or are simply unemployed, you have a slight competitive advantage with LinkedIn. Often Employers have requirements for roles that have to be filled ASAP. If an in-house recruiter or external recruitment agency picks up this request, they may use LinkedIn’s search function to find individuals who are immediately available. So in your profile intro shown below, it is always useful to add “Available Immediately” if you are ready to start work at any point. Alternatively, you could add “Available on ENTER DATE” if you are going to be finishing your current contract in the near future. We have seen individuals take it one step further by adding their mobile number there too, this is definitely an effective addition as recruiters don’t have to connect with you before being able to ask you, they will call you directly. However, we appreciate some individuals might feel uncomfortable with their phone number or email address listed there, especially with all the data scraping and data privacy issues ongoing in the internet world.


Go to your profile and click on the Pencil icon to edit your personal details.


Add "Available Immediately for Enter Your Role Here"

Gain relevant recommendations

Based on our analysis, many of the top ranking profiles or shall we say, more visible profiles had a good amount of relevant recommendations. For example, a Java Developer had plenty of Java recommendations. Whilst we feel this is not essential, it definitely contributes to guiding your profile to the top. As LinkedIn continues to enhance the search function, we believe recommendations is going to play a bigger role within LinkedIn’s algorithm.

Join niche interest groups

We’re not sure whether it is a coincidence or not, many of the top profiles joined up to different Interest Groups. For example, a business analyst signed up to multiple different business analyst groups, alternatively, a project manager was part of different methodology groups. We feel it may minimally contribute towards your profile ranking and there’s simply nothing to lose by joining up to these groups. Often you will find opportunities also being posted within these different groups.

Publish interesting content

Content is king - you’ve probably heard that before, well it’s no different with LinkedIn, which is why we’ve kept this point to last. Publish relevant and interesting content to your connections. With a little bit of luck (yes..DJ Luck and MC Neat for you garage fans) and well-written content your published posts may go viral and if they don’t, well it’ll still reach a good-sized audience, as long as you’ve connected with a few individuals. Remember, if you can show prospective employers your knowledge, experience, and talent through content, whether it be in the near future or 10 years down the line, you will reap the rewards of putting in that extra work to publish insightful content.

That’s all for now folks… we will continue to update this page, so do follow us on our social media pages for future updates.