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Who can apply to become a independent Recruiter and the role at hand?

Any Industry Professional or Professional Recruiter can apply.

Reecru is open to any industry professional or professional recruiter. We feel, that the use of your industry knowledge and role experience will contribute to screening candidates effectively.

Screen / Shortlist Candidates

Independent Recruiters initial tasks in a recruitment project are to screen all candidates who have applied through the platform and shortlist a set of candidates to forward on to the client.

Managing the Interview Process

We have a simple inbuilt system to manage the facilitating of phone/face to face interviews between the client and candidates. As a independent recruiter, your role would be to facilitate this process.

Salary Negotiations

If the client is happy with the suitable candidate, the client will open the offering process, during this time you would help the candidate negotiate a suitable salary.


When a candidate is unsuccessful and requests feedback for their application, your role would be to provide feedback to this candidate.

Why choose us?

Equal opportunities

We provide guidance and support to each and every recruiter on our platform, it is our goal to ensure all our independent recruiters are given an equal opportunity to succeed.


Our platform is designed to make the end-to-end recruitment process efficient and simple.

Great earning potential

Reecru offers a great opportunity to earn additional or even primary income. It is a platform where if you have exceptional quality in your work, then we have endless opportunities for you.